Talentex Textile Foreign Trade Company can have commercial service-specific and confidential information of the customers it serves during its activities. Our primary goal is to ensure the trust of the institutions and organizations we serve and to ensure the security of the information assets we use for the services we provide.
In this context; Our relations with the customers, official institutions, and dealers we cooperate with are very valuable. The continuity of the services we provide, the confidentiality of the information we hold, and the integrity of our customers or information assets within ourselves are of high importance. Therefore,we are :
1. We protect the confidentiality, integrity, accessibility, and continuity of all corporate and private information within the scope.

2. In accordance with legal regulations, legislative provisions, and contracts to provide our services without errors, as soon as possible and uninterruptedly.

3. Allocating, establishing, operating, and continuously improving our information security management system to meet the requirements of the TS ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS standard.

4. Ensuring that business processes are carried out in accordance with the policies and procedures prepared and approved within the scope of the information security management system.

5. Complying with all legal regulations and contracts related to information security.

6. Identifying and systematically managing risks to information assets.

7. Carrying out training that will develop technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase information security awareness.

8. Creating a dynamic structure and increase communication with authorities in order to adapt to the development and change in the field of information technologies,